A Delicate Balance: Branded Video Content

Posted by Phil Griffiths on 29 March 2016

Branded Video Content. It has been utilised ever more extensively in recent years, to the extent that it also seems to be accompanied by a tune that sounds suspiciously like the death march for the traditional Television Commercial.

Whether it is the who’s who of extreme sports acting as walking, (or rather, flying), Red Bull billboards; or playing a key role in enabling the planets most well known “Secret Agent” to escape the clutches of his vertically challenged, megalomaniac nemesis, with the natty explosive option available with his version of the Omega “Seamaster”- branded video content is everywhere.

And, now in the Middle East, it has caught on with a vengeance. Agencies clamber over each other to sell it as part of their PR Strategies, and Marketing Departments demand that every campaign has that “YouTube” idea. But, do the Agencies actually understand what they are selling? Are Marketing Departments getting the results they should?

The growth of Branded Video Content is due to a few reasons. Companies can essentially create their ideal audience of viewers who actually want to watch their content; targeting numerous demographics, with multiple pieces of tailor made output placed on specific Television Broadcast, Social Media, and Digital Publisher platforms.

And, today’s audience is more than happy to comply, so long as your content does one of the following: Entertain, Inform, or Inspire. Joe Hedges, CEO of Nomad’s Branding agency partner, Garden, once mentioned to me, “To be successful, you not only need a strong brand that resonates with the audience it wants to engage, it needs an ongoing branded narrative that is conversational, inclusive, compelling and relevant. This is why branded video content is becoming so integral to enhancing the worlds biggest brands.”

The more digital the world becomes, so too does the brands ability to become truly objective in terms of what is resonating with the people they most want to speak to. Exact metrics and engagement analysis means clients can understand whether the brand and strategy guidelines an agency, like Garden, has created for them is having the desired impact with the audience they are looking to make a connection with.

In my mind, however, there is still too much focus on pleasing the client at all cost. They may be the ones paying for the content, but too often the narrative and the visuals of branded video content is overindulgent in the brand and its message, and this is to the detriment of that investment made. Reason being; the audience, broadcasters, and publishers experience is tainted.

I often tell our staff to create video content that you would want to see. Focus on good storytelling that you’re proud of. Of course they have to adhere to the needs of the client, and the target audience, but ultimately if Nomad produces something that we would want to watch, the likelihood is that others would want to watch it too.

The best Branded Video Content relationships are always the ones where everyone wins; the audience is happy, since they have been either entertained, informed or inspired; the broadcasters and publishers are happy, since they’ve received great content that enhances their brand, and entertains their own audience; and, the brands have made good on their investment, safe in the knowledge that they have enhanced their brand, sold their product, promoted their message, and ultimately, harnessed the real value and power of quality Branded Video Content.

Put simply, every company needs a Branded Video Content Strategy. Every Digital Publisher and Television Broadcaster will increasingly depend on Branded Video Content. And, every year the public at large will consume more branded video content than ever before. Just make sure you get that delicate balance right.

Written by Phil Griffiths
Co-Founder and Director, Nomad Productions

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