Delivering the Perfect Punch

Posted by Zoe Griffiths on 20 February 2016

Our own Phil Griffiths recently spoke to the lovely people at BroadcastPro Middle East magazine about the ins and outs of putting together the first season of White Collar DXB. The interview is online now, so give it a read!

As well as looking at how the show was made, they also quizzed Phil about how and why the show came about…
“We at Nomad do have corporate clients that we work closely with, but our core background is predominantly based within UK TV broadcast production. Therefore, it seemed only natural to try and develop homegrown TV broadcast productions in the UAE,”

And, talked about learns we’ll take forward to White Collar DXB season 2…
“It was brutal, but oddly enough, all of us were united by the difficulty and the subsequent rewarding nature of the whole ordeal. I’ve seen some of the contestants since, and it really is striking to hear how much they got out of it and how proud they were of having gone through it. It is genuinely the same emotion for the Nomad crew – though instead of getting more healthy throughout like the contestants, we got way less healthy. High stress, no sleep, copious amounts of coffee and junk food meant we weren’t exactly the picture of health that we were trying to promote through the show. Though in season two, we’re going to nail it!”

If you are interested in taking part in White Collar DXB season 2, check out the White Collar DXB Facebook page for all the low down.